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Friday, 12 February 2010

Seen around town

What’s this I spotted over a fence down our street?  It looks like a canon to me.  However, I have it on good authority that is not actually a canon at all, but in fact a mortar.  Not a real one of course, but a garden ornament.  Why anyone would want one of these in their front garden is beyond me.  Perhaps this is a matter of “Don’t mention the War”? 

DSCF2349 Don’t mention the War

Small cars are easy to park, that’s certainly true.  But this small car is verging on the ridiculous.  The owner obviously is a commuter as it is often found in the railway station car park.  Not parked in a proper car park, I notice, but squashed up in front of a tree!  Note that the back wheels are over the garden edging.  This tiny car would not suit Robin at all, he likes to drive a real blokes size vehicle. 


DSCF2649Wonder what brand this tiny little car is?

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