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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Fridge fans

Summertime….. and the living is easy.  That’s how the song goes.  But summer puts an extra strain on the caravan fridge.  When we have the awning erected, it goes right over the fridge outlet and restricts the flow of air from the back of the fridge which does not work efficiently.   The fridge requires a constant flow of cool air over the evaporator to transfer the heat generated away. The answer, Robin has discovered, is to install a couple of little computer fans at the back of the fridge to help things along.  He did this to our previous caravan and it worked well.  First of all, buy your fans.  This was the easy part, in fact they have been purchased for many months now, all ready to be installed.  Bur you can’t rush these things, can you?  Then, take the cover off, making sure you know where you put the screws for later use.  Then he attached the fans to some all purpose metal make-up brackets and screwed this into place at the back of the fridge.


Wiring up was a bit more of a challenge.  He attached the wires to the fans and wired them up to the newly installed on/off  switch on the wall beside the fridge.  My job was to hold the switch straight and still while Robin did this tricky job reaching into a very cramped space.  Then came the very important check, to make sure the the fans were sending the warm air out from the fridge, and not the other way around.  


Finally it was all completed and the cover was re-attached.  This little job took several hours over a couple of days and the new fans will certainly make our caravan fridge perform more efficiently in the warmer weather.  Robin needed a cold beer after all that work in the hot sun!

DSCF2640 Job all done


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