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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Of mist, bees and barbeques

The ethereal mist covered Upper Hutt again this morning, that’s several times now in the last week or so.  Everything looks a little out of focus when there is mist around.   The mist didn’t reach Wellington City this time.  Last week it wrecked the travel plans of many fans who had attended the AC-DC concert in the city the previous night and were trying to make their way home the following morning.

DSCF2608 Our valley is blanketed in low lying mist

The heat of the sun soon burnt the mist off and the day turned out to be a scorcher.  In the garden our fuchsia bush is covered in flowers and the somnolent buzz of several bees caught my attention as they  went about their business.  We love bees, they are such industrious little creatures.  And Robin loves honey.  Especially manuka honey – his all time favourite.    We’ll fire up the BBQ tonight, we must make the most of this glorious weather.

DSCF2614 There’s a bee inside this flower


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