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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

What’s Cooking??

The time had come, we decided, to purchase a new stove.  Our one was over 30 years old and we felt it was getting quite dangerous.  It was getting difficult to get the hot plates to reduce heat from “hot” to “simmer” when the switches were turned down.  The chief cook was worried that an accident was waiting to happen.  So we went shopping for a new stove.  The main criteria was that it must fit into the space available.  And Jenny did not want one of those fancy ceramic top stoves either, radiant hot plates are fine for her!!

Stove 1 Snipping off the electric fitting

Our new stove duly arrived on the truck yesterday, a Westinghouse Saturn.  Two young men brought the new one inside.  Then the  electric cable was snipped off the old stove as it had a special wall fitting and we needed to use  it again.  The sad old stove was then loaded up and taken away.

Stove 2  Off with the old

Shortly after, the electrician arrived.  He wired up the fittings, and installed an anti tip bracket.  Then he checked to see that everything was working as it should, and gave us a quick run through. 

Stove 3  Wiring up the fittings

Jenny cooked the veggies for dinner and made cheese sauce.  It was so nice to have  hot plates that behaved themselves.  Robin has read through the instruction book and set the clock.  Guess we will have to get cracking and paint the kitchen now to complement the nice shiny new stove!!

Stove4  Cooking up a storm!!

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