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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Ponderings and Passions

In the early evenings at Kaitoke Regional Park  the gas BBQs were lit all around the camp and delicious smells filled the air.    Our group like to cook together then eat our meals side by side out in the fresh air.  After things were cleared away and the dishes done we gathered under the gazebo for some evening entertainment.

On Friday evening we had organised “Points to Ponder”.   People were invited to bring a question or two to ponder, with the idea being that the collective genius of our group was sure to come up with an answer.  Whether the answer was correct was anyone’s guess.  We pondered long and hard on such topics as why the water swirls down the plug holes in different directions in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and what is the speed of dark, in  relation to the speed of light.  As can be imagined, we went off on all sorts of different tangents.

DSCF0705 Still pondering the next day

Saturday evening found us under the gazebo once again and the subject for the evening was “Passions”.  We invited everyone to tell us what they were passionate about in their lives.  Jenny had written everyone’s name down on a piece of paper and placed them in a bowl.  The two grandchildren with us were in charge of picking out one of the folded pieces of paper and reading out the names.  When the girls names were called out they also had to take part, and they did very well too.  The passions ranged from caravanning,  craft work, music, home and families.  The skills of reading, writing, tackling crosswords and keeping up to date with ongoing education featured very strongly with many of us.  The passions in life are what keep us going and we were really pleased that everyone shared their thoughts with the group.

DSCF0683 Wonder what Geoff is pondering about?

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