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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Remembering Geoffrey

It is one year since Geoffrey lost his life in a boating tragedy. Geoffrey was the boy-friend of our grand-daughter Emma and he died on his 19th birthday. Jenny had been stitching away on two memory quilts made from Geoffrey’s clothing for some time, one for Emma, and the other for Geoffrey’s parents. We went up to Rongatea today to present the quilts on the day before the anniversary of his death.


Emma with her quilt

Tee shirts, sweatshirts, plaid work shirts , a black ball shirt and ties were all incorporated. As well as jeans, both pockets and holey knees, satin boxer shorts, track pants and various labels. Pieces of all these garments found a place in the quilts. Both Emma and Geoffrey’s Mum had very clear ideas of what they wanted included. Jenny had three bags of garments to work from; one bag for Emma’s quilt, one for Geoffrey's Mum, and the third joint, with pieces to go in each quilt.


Geoffrey’s Mum & Dad with their quilt

It was a privilege to stitch these very special memory quilts and the hope is that they provide comfort for the sad loss of a very special young man.


Derek and Dot said...

Absolutely lovely, great to see the finished articles. Tracey said don't make her cry.
Take care Dot

Khris said...

What a wonderful thing to do Jenny. They will cherish those quilts forever. When my son died I never knew of "memory quilts". I so wish I had. Although I know I would never have been able to cut up his clothing...You should be very proud of what you have done. Hugs Khris

Al said...

These quilts are so lovely, and a special tribute that I'm sure will be well loved. What a beautiful gift for each of them!

Helen said...

What a very, very special thing to do. I am sure these quilts will bring some comfort to Emma and Geoffrey's parents.

Bec Clarke said...

They are just beautiful, quite moving, even DH says they are such a great idea and was moved by the sentiment.

Bern said...

Hi Jenny, what a beautiful quilt you have made for your granddaughter. I am sure that she will feel comforted by the quilt every time she sees it.

Would we be able to see photographs of the other memory quilts that you have made of Geoffrey please? I love memory quilts and made one for a friend's son which is on my blog:

With thanks,

Bern Johnson, Caloundra Q

Robin and Jenny said...

Thank you all for your kind words. It was quite a moving experience to hand them over after working so closely with them all this time.

I only made two quilts one for Emma and one for Geoffrey's parents.