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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Fig Tree X 2

The Fig Tree Cafe in Trentham, Upper Hutt, would have to be Jenny’s favourite local cafe. She was looking forward to meeting up with her friend Geraldine there on Saturday afternoon. So imagine her delight when daughter Nicky phoned inviting her Mum to join her at the Fig Tree for brunch on Sunday morning. Twice in two days – what could be nicer!!


The Fig Tree Cafe is featured in the Summer 2008 edition of the “Cafe Culture” magazine – so it must be a good place!! The building was previously a church for about 50 years.  The current owner has restored the stained glass window above the counter, which had been painted over. It is an extremely popular place and is always teeming with customers. There is now an expectation from Robin that Jenny will bring home two of those melt-in-the-mouth Eccles Cakes for supper - after all, he wasn't invited to these girly get-togethers!!


Geraldine and Jenny on Saturday

Back again on Sunday morning to catch up with daughter Nicky who was spending the weekend in the big smoke with friends Heather and Richard. What to have? The corn fritters and bacon sounded just right for brunch - and they were delicious. Customers were coming and going while Nicky and her Mum caught up on each other’s news. (Isn’t that the ex-husband sitting over there? It was. He popped over to say hello.)


Jenny, Heather and Nicky on Sunday morning

The Fig Tree Cafe has also been booked for a special occasion in March ……….but that’s another story.

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