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Monday, 9 February 2009

Fun in the Sun at Kaitoke

The weather was very hot all weekend and people made good use of the river,  paddling, boating, or just jumping in to the deep swimming holes, it was fun in the sun all the way.  We spent some time watching a group of boys climbing up a nearly vertical bank, then jumping 30 foot down into the cold water.  How they managed to clamber up that bank was beyond us.

DSCF0692Boys climbing and one jumping

As we wandered through the camping areas we saw all sorts of “homes away from home”.  Tents were everywhere, in the camping areas and dotted along the river banks.  Someone had made a dining area with a blue tarpaulin as a roof draped over a frame, and weighted down with bottles of water to hold it all down.

DSCF0681 How many bottles weighing this down?

People were flying kites, riding bikes, trikes and scooters.  One little boy  was running along with his kite and and called out to us, “Get out of my way”.  We had to duck under the kite string to save getting caught up.  All the youngsters close by must have brought their trikes and scooters with them, they were everywhere.

DSCF0676 Young bikers

Some of our group went out to Kaitoke Country Gardens for a “coffee break”,   It was nice and cool there as we sipped our lattes, tea, and iced coffees.  This is the life!!

DSCF0701 Enjoying our coffee break

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