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Wednesday, 25 February 2009


“Hello, it’s Bob here” .  Bob who?, Jenny wondered.  Then the penny dropped.  It was Bob and Pam, our friends from Auckland.  They had spent the previous eight weeks or so touring the South Island with a group of friends and were on their way home.   We spent a very pleasant evening catching up with them, plus mutual friends Sandy and Bea, at a Thai restaurant in Paraparaumu.

Bob and Pam proudly showed us around their custom built motor home  which they have named “Offwegoagain”.  Over the years they had owned several caravans and campers.  So they knew exactly what features and innovations they wanted incorporated in their new Prestige motor home.  We wished them a safe journey in “"Offwegoagain” back to Auckland, and hope it is not such a long time before we meet up again.  Below is a similar floor plan to what was built, (couldn’t find a photo of the exact plan). 


Eight weeks touring the South Island sounds like bliss to us.  That is the sort of thing we are looking forward to doing ourselves when we can leave our working lives behind us.   Guess we will just have to keep buying the Lotto tickets to make it happen sooner, then we can be “off again” too.   

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