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Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Golden Narrowboat

We have to admit that our narrowboat holiday travelling along the Llangollen Canal was a big highlight of our UK holiday last year. We travelled on NB Gypsy Rover as guests of the owners, our friends Dot and Derek, and had a marvellous time.

Jenny was keen to mark this part of the holiday with a charm for her bracelet, but it was impossible to find one. What to do? On our return home Jenny took her bracelet into Berry’s Jewellers in Wellington to get the Singapore and New York charms soldered on. “Bring in a photo and I’ll make you one”, the jeweller said.

Gypsy Rover This is the photo we took in to the jeweller to work from. Note Derek on the back of the boat - somewhere on the Llangollen Canal.

Narrow Boat Charm And this is the hand crafted gold charm. Ian the jeweller told us how the charm was made. He made the hull first, then added the cabin section of the boat. The windows were then engraved on the sides and the ring added at the back. We are really pleased with the result and feel that the jeweller has done a wonderful job. The golden narrowboat is a wonderful reminder of our canal holiday with dear friends. Thanks for the memories, Dot and Derek!!


Derek and Dot said...

Thats absolutely fabulous, you'll have to introduce me to this gentleman when we get home, I'd like one of those.
Take Care Dot

Robin and Jenny said...

No trouble, we can take a visit to the capital city and do lunch as well. The young man did a lovely job of the charm.