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Monday, January 30, 2017

Family Wedding

After a week or so of horrible blustery winds, the weather finally relented just in time for the family wedding and it was a lovely calm day.  Have to admit that we haven't been to a wedding for quite some time.  I’m sure people our age have noticed that we tend to get invited to major birthdays (60, 70, end even 80), or sadly, spend time going to funerals of friends and family.  So it was lovely to attend the wedding of Robin’s niece to her young man.  Lydia is the daughter of Robin’s youngest brother Neil and his wife Michelle.

The afternoon didn’t get off to a good start on our drive to Palmerston North as due to an accident, a diversion was in place and took us along minor roads.  The longer route added to our travelling time, and then we had trouble finding the venue.  Luckily we slipped into seats before the bride arrived.  Although the professional photographer was snapping away during the ceremony, I didn’t feel it was appropriate for me to take photos in church, and then forgot to take any till much later, during the meal.

Kalym and Lydia

Cutting the cake

Elderly aunt and uncle

What was really nice at this gathering was the amount of babies and toddlers in attendance.  I had never seen so many littlies in one place for such a long time.  Some belonged to the grown up grand children, while others were obviously children of the young couple’s friends.  There was plenty of room for them to run around outside in the large grounds of Caccia Birch  between the service and the meal.  It was great for Robin to catch up with rellies he hadn’t seen for a while, and marvel at how grown up all his nieces are nephews were these days.

Looking over the lagoon at the back of the homestead

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Allison said...

Family occasions are always good, especially weddings. The bride looked beautiful.