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Friday, December 4, 2015

Let there be Power – and Light

It’s good to know a friendly electrician,  especially one who is prepared to drive up to our home and do the odd job or two for us.  Selwyn came some time ago and fitted a caravan plug onto our house for us, which means we can plug the caravan into power prior to taking to the road.  Today’s job was to run a power supply from the house to Robin’s shed in the corner of the back yard. 

It all started in the corner, taking the plate off and exposing the wires.  (Didn’t my sewing cabinet sit in this corner not so long ago?)

PC040012Stage one, inside

Then out came the power drill.  The next step was to drill a hole in the mortar to thread the wire through.  Selwyn was the boss and Robin was the “gopher”, going for this, and going for that, he commented.

PC040013 Stage two, outside

The job took the whole day, broken up with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, plus home made baking.  You have to keep these workers fed and watered, it seems.  The wire was neatly contained in conduit which Selwyn cleverly placed under the rail on the fence, making it practically invisible.

PC040015 Cap covering the hole and wires coming through the mortar

And the wires entered the shed, snaked around just under the ceiling and behind this board.  Now Robin not only has power switches, but a light too, so he will be able to plug his boy’s toys into power without having a trailing power cord all over the grass, as he used to do.

PC040017Job done

Many thanks to Selwyn for his hard day’s work.  He looked a bit shattered when then job was completed, after a day spent out in the hot sun, bending, stooping, and kneeling while he was going about his electrician’s business.  But a cool drink and a little home baking soon made him feel better before his trip back home.  A whip around with the vacuum cleaner soon tidied up the back bedroom, and Robin got on with the task of replacing all the shed “stuff” which had to be removed to give the electrician and his apprentice room to move around inside the small space.

PC040018 Study of a man contemplating what he can get up to in his shed

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