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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Baby Q, Flags, and Christmas Carols

With the recent arrival of our Baby Q Weber BBQ, the first rule of thumb was to try it out at home before we take it away in the caravan.  After all - the cook doesn't want to look like he doesn't know what he is doing, does he?  It's a new way of cooking on the BBQ for us, the meat goes on, and the lid stays down.  Perhaps it would be a good idea to watch the video that came with it?  Our first meal of pork sausages turned out extra delicious.  It will be pork chops tonight - and we really want to try a roast one day soon.

 Our Baby Q Weber BBQ

There are twinkling Christmas lights strung around our small patio area, and even twisted around the flag pole.  And talking of flag poles, we have two flags flying at the moment, our current flag, plus our pick of the new ones up for consideration.  The first flag  referendum has taken place, and our preferred flag took second place, not first as we had hoped.  The second referendum to choose between the existing flag and the winner of the first referendum will take place in March 2016.

We are flying two flags today

And as a real pre-Christmas treat, Rita from our village had a visit from the Salvation Army Band to play outside her home.  Once I heard those Christmas Carols start up, I walked down to enjoy the music and take a few photos.  Just a shame more of the neighbours didn't venture outside and join in too.  There is nothing nicer than those traditional Christmas Carols, is there?  The band had been "doing the rounds", they told me and were heading off to their last stop of the evening, where they had been promised Chocolate Cake!

Serenading Rita


Marilyn McDonald said...

My first pick for the flag was the same as yours and we have just bought one. However I am comfortable with the one that actually came first as it was my second pick (and David's first).
I like your Baby Q too - I am very interested in getting one for here. I am going to look again at them - we looked last summer ...
Do you remember when the Sallies band used to come around on the back of a truck at Xmas? And there were more of them than serenaded Rita - even in little old New Plymouth!
Cheers, Marilyn

Annette said...

Hope you will be adventurous with your Webber Q, my brother cooks pizza & sis-in-law bakes her cakes & deserts in the Q.......enjoy! Merry Christmas to you both 🎄🎄🎄

Jenny said...

Hopefully, we will be building up our cooking skills, and adding extra dishes to the BBQ. Certainly want to try cooking a delicious roast sometime soon - watch this space!