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Saturday, October 31, 2015

On the farm in Kiwitea

Life on the farm is all go – and we needed a cooked breakfast to start off our Saturday and keep the energy levels up.  So Robin and I prepared some pancakes, served with fruit, maple syrup and whipped cream for the family.  With a couple of coffee plungers full of piping hot coffee, it was a good way to start the morning.

PA310004 Breakfast for the family

We had a little shopping to do in the morning, and then went to check out the BBQ of choice which Robin plans to purchase very soon.  We were just in time, as the staff were slicing up a rolled pork loin roast which had just finished cooking on the barbecue.  It was delicious, and the pork crackle – so yummy.  The pork had been replaced with a leg of lamb, we noticed, what a wonderful way to cook roasts in the summer.  Once we work out exactly what BBQ (and accessories) we want to buy, we will be all set for summer cooking.

Back on the farm, there was another horse to meet and admire.  Blossom is a Clydesdale cross, an older horse who hasn’t been handled much, and Emma is working at breaking her in.

PA310012 Emma with Blossom

And I had to go and have another look at Emma’s new baby Fire Dancer with her Mum Sonata.  The young foal has Arabian bloodlines from her sire and Emma is over the moon with her.

PA310016 Sonata, Fire Dancer, and Emma

While I was quietly blogging away in the caravan (thanks to the family for the use of their Wi-Fi) I heard a huge racket outside.  In rumbled SIL Robert with his biggest “boy’s toy”, a big Fiat tractor with a lethal looking blade attached to the back which slices through long grass. He had been using it in one of the other paddocks when it started giving him trouble, so back it came to the house to get a bit of TLC.

PA310018 Robert with his Fiat tractor

PA310022 And here it is in action, slicing trough the long grass

Poor old Muffy was rather concerned with all the action outside.  Especially with the farm dogs being so close, she was keeping a good eye on them through the window.

PA310020Help Mum, there’s a dog outside my window!

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