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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Can’t see in front of of our Noses

Keen caravanners don’t let a little thing like a visit to the operating theatre stop us going away for a three day holiday weekend.  So the day after my trip to hospital we finished packing the caravan and headed off for a weekend at Carterton.  There was a choice of two routes – either south and drive over the Rimutaka Hill, or northwards and over the Pahiatua Track, both options reasonably similar in distance from home.  The driver chose the northwards route, and as we drove over the Pahiatua Track we were soon enveloped in clouds and could hardly see in front of our noses.

PA230040 Up in the clouds

The road over the track twisted and turned every which way and once down the other side I suggested that we have an early lunch stop so that I could get my equilibrium back.  There was a handy rest area not too far away which we pulled into, joining a couple of other truck drivers who were also enjoying a break.  A rest, a sandwich and a hot drink soon settled my post-op queasiness, and then we were ready to continue on our journey.

PA230042 Stopping for lunch

We were the last of our group to arrive at Carterton Holiday Park, one of our favourite camps.  Pete and Di keep everything spic and span, and the beautiful grounds are a credit to them.  These days the most important site consideration seems to be satellite TV reception, so we had to make sure that we were not too close to the large trees.  We parked up beside a work in progress, a large bus which seems to be getting a refit.

PA250006 All set for the weekend

Slices of carrot cake was handed around to our caravan buddies at morning tea on Saturday for my birthday.  Not quite the home baked delight I had originally planned, but I ran out of time and couldn’t fit the cooking duties into my busy week. 

PA240001 Carrot cake for morning tea

It was great to have Life Members Peter and Elaine come calling for a few hours, and catch up with all their news.  They have been having a difficult time lately, so it was good to see them laughing and letting their hair down with our group of crazy caravan club members.

PA240002 Peter and Elaine returning home – catch you next time!

We enjoyed a “Wine and Cheese” event in the afternoon and the variety of cheeses on offer was amazing.  Everything from lovely creamy blues, fruit cheeses, camembert, and a couple of herby varieties.  Have to admit that a few sips of wine were my undoing and made my head swim, so I soon switched to good old Adam’s Ale – much more to my liking.

PA240003 An afternoon of Wine and Cheese

There were a few quizzes in the evening  to get our brains working and check our intelligence levels.  Some did better than others, and some didn’t do very well at all.  As I’ve said before, quizzes are easy if you know the answers!  Bedtime beckoned, and the big question was – who will win the All Blacks South Africa Rugby Match?  Several of the blokes declared that yes, they would get up at 4.00am to watch the game!

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Tom and Jan said...

Looks like the Pahiatua Track is sealed these days. I remember when it was a winding dirt track.