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Saturday, 2 December 2017

First Day of Summer

Friday December 1st was the beginning of summer down here in our part of the world.  And the day was everything a summer day should be, warm and sunny, and best of all, we were away for the weekend for a caravan club rally.  The Christmas rally, to be precise, held at Sandra and Don’s home in rural Koputuroa, not too far from home.  Don had worked out a plan of where all the vans were to park on his front lawn, and in no time at all, the first two vans were parked up behind the rose gardens.

First two vans to arrive

Sandra’s lovely roses

Selwyn decided to put up a club sign at the gate to help the couple of new club members who hadn’t been to this property before. Bang, bang, into the hard ground it went.  It looked like hard work in the hot sun to me.

Selwyn with the club sign

Other members arrived during the afternoon, most of them in time for 4zzees.  We shouldn’t really complain about the hot weather, but here we are sheltering under the shady trees.  


Hamburgers were on the menu for our Friday night meal.  The meat patties together with bacon and eggs were cooked up, and then everyone added the fixings to create their own particular version.    Lettuce, tomato, and the good old Kiwi addition of beetroot for those who liked their hamburgers that way.  Cheese, gherkins, onions, whatever took your fancy, it was all laid out to help yourself.  Plus a wonderful array of chocolate √©clairs for dessert, many thanks to Sandra.

Hamburger Chefs – Bill and Don

It was so pleasant sitting outside in the twilight finishing our meal and chatting away.  Then those biting insects decided to make a feast of a couple of us – its always interesting to see which victims get attacked while most of the group get left well alone.  I’m always one of the favoured ones as far as bites go – must be my sweet and tasty blood.  Once the temperatures starting dropping a little, we joined the others inside the house and put the world to rights – as you do.  It was a great start to the rally weekend.


Janice said...

How lovely it all looks. We are currently getting rain. Apparently your nice weather is holding our rainy weather here, causing flooding in Victoria and southern NSW. MInd you, you deserve some nice weather after the winter you had. Enjoy your rally

Anonymous said...

Your first day of summer has coincided with our first day of snow for four years here on the east coast of the uk,enjoy your reading your blog but must admit it makes me miss my caravan that has been passed to a family member now my husband has passed away.all the best for your summer season .

Jenny said...

Hi Kath - first day of snow in UK - brrrr!

And Janice, our good weather is lasting for a while, we have been told.