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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Yet Another Pre-Christmas Lunch

It’s fair to say that social occasions come thick and fast at this time of the year.  Yesterday it was our turn to be host and hostess and our SLG friends travelled up to Levin to join us for lunch.  But not before several of them stopped off at the ever popular RJ’s Licorice to buy some of their delicious goodies. Some of our friends think that a trip to Levin is not complete without a visit to RJ’s!


Then it was teas and coffees all round and a Christmas fruit mince tart to revive everyone.  With the temperatures said to reach a whopping 29 degrees in Levin, it was no wonder we were all feeling the heat.  Such high temperatures are unusual down here and according to the Met Service have been caused by a series of highs, rebuilding persistent areas of high pressure to the east, west and especially to the south of New Zealand, all driven by La Nina.  It feels a bit like being on an overseas holiday, without leaving home!

Robin had a leg of pork cooking away on the Weber BBQ and it smelt divine.  But there was a problem with our barbeque thermometer which downed tools and stopped working.  Pulling it apart and replacing the batteries didn’t help one little bit – it was still “dead”.    Luckily we had previously worked out how long the pork would take to cook, so BBQed pork for lunch was still going to happen.

Looking and smelling pretty good!

Everyone contributed to the meal, and we enjoyed potatoes salad, coleslaw, and a very fancy green salad,  hot peas with bacon and garlic bread with our pork.  All very tasty indeed.  Followed by boysenberry cheesecake and lemon meringue pie.    With so much talking and eating going on I forgot to take photos, except for this one with everyone focusing on their desserts.
The serious business of eating dessert

With the meal over, the dish washer loaded yet again, we settled down again with another cuppa.  Christmas plans were discussed, some were travelling away around the country, Trish was off to Perth, while others had family arriving.  Whatever our collective plans, it promised to be a great Christmas for us all.  And it goes without saying that we have enjoyed another year of friendship and outings in the company of our Super Leisure Group friends. 

Hanging on the front window

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