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Monday, 4 December 2017

Weekend at Koputuroa

It was a wonderful way to celebrate the  start to summer – a weekend rally at Koputuroa.  The weather was hot and sunny, (those clouds didn’t bring the rain)  the venue was picturesque, and the company was great, and as for the food for our celebration dinner, just wonderful!  What more could we ask for?


What better than a bit of male bonding going on?  What do men talk about?  Caravans, perhaps, cars, sports, looks like they are having a laugh during this conversation.  Maybe they are relating funny stories about their spouses?


And then I spotted them through the window gathered around our newly acquired “black box” on front of the caravan.  With arms folded and looking serious, they are probably thinking, “I want one of those too”.  The gas bottle needed changing over the weekend, and Robin commented how much easier the job is now.  Previously he had to unscrew the cover and remove it completely to get to the gas bottles underneath, now he just opens it up.  


The table was set in the conservatory for our shared evening meal, doesn’t it look a picture!  Meanwhile, Don was in charge of the large spit roast pork cooking away, it certainly smelt wonderful.  He lifted the cover of the BBQ to show me how it was doing.

Getting ready for dinner

The meat was carved, and everyone brought out their contributions to the meal, bowls of salads, hot veggies, and garlic bread.  What a wonderful meal, especially that crispy pork crackle!  And after that we had a marvelous selection of desserts.



During Sunday Morning Tea two new couples were welcomed into our club, with President Selwyn doing the honours.  We hope they enjoy sharing many happy caravan rallies with our club.

Owen and Helen, Jennie and Dave, being inducted by Selwyn

Winners of the various competitions held over the weekend were announced, with the Best Decorated Van prize going to Glennis and Dennis – Dennis has a thing for flashing blue lights, he told me.  And special thanks were given to our hosts Don and Sandra  for allowing us to stay at their lovely home for our Christmas Rally.
Our generous hosts, Don and Sandra

Also attending our Christmas Rally were two dogs and a cat, all very well behaved indeed.

Just look at those little faces - Mason and Snowflake

Honey and Dot

And spotted on the back of D&D’s motor home, a reminder of their happy times spent cruising the canals of England.


It was a lovely conclusion to our club rally schedule of 2017.  But we have a big trip coming up soon – watch this space…….

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Janice said...

It all looks lovely. I bet everyone was waddling back to their vans after such a wonderful meal