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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Let the Journey Begin

Today is the start of our South Island Odyssey – our long awaited trip down “down south”.  We had plenty to do in the morning and the first job was clearing out the fridge and  packing the perishables.  And then we wiped the fridge down, washed all the removable fittings, unplugged the power and wedged folded tea towels into the doors to keep them open while we are way. But …….we were so busy doing all the last minute jobs that we forgot to load up the caravan freezer with packages of frozen meat we had purchased for the start of the trip.  Never mind, we won’t stave, I’m sure.


As we are booked on the Interislander ferry bright and early on Monday morning, we debated where to spend our first night before departure.  Plimmerton NZCA site perhaps?  Then we changed our minds and decided to drive down to Petone, and parked  up in the Petone Working Mens car park.  A better choice we feel, taking us much closer to the ferry, and very reasonable at  $10 a night with power.  There were a few motor homes already on site when we arrived, with several more arriving later in the evening.

At Petone Working Mens Club

Robin got chatting to the owner of the bus named “Achilles”, who commented the name honours his father-in-law who had served on this ship during WW2.  As had Robin’s father and uncle.  Uncle Snow served during the Battle of the River Plate, and Robin’s Dad Curley was on board the vessel when it was sent  to Japan to witness the Japanese surrender.  What a small world!

The car park was full to overflowing as great hordes of people arrived for a Sunday evening meal at the Club.  What a good idea – and we also decided to take advantage of the club restaurant, enjoying a tasty roast beef meal with plenty of veggies for just $9.50 each.

Roast beef for two, please

Looks good enough to eat!

The car park emptied as the club patrons took themselves and their families home, a couple more vans arrived looking for a site for the night,  and a glorious sun set coloured the sky over Petone.

Petone sun set

Tonight we will set the alarm clock to ensure we don’t sleep in and get on our way in plenty of time to the ferry terminal.  And we’ve got our fingers crossed for a nice smooth crossing tomorrow!


Janice said...

It sounds like a great start to your odyssey. Don’t you hate it that some little thing usually gets left at home. At least it was nothing too important.

Marilyn McDonald said...

I am sure your crossing today was smooth and sunny, Jenny.
Have a wonderful trip and we will come and show you the motorhome on our return!
PS The Workingmen's Club dinner and the sunset look great!

Jenny said...

Yes indeed, leaving a pile of frozen meat behind is really no big deal - and will be there to eat when we return home. Imagine if we had forgotten to pack medication, or wallets!

Jenny said...

Thanks Marilyn - our crossing was nice and calm. Just as well as Robin isn't a great sailor!