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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Probus Christmas Lunch

Our final Probus meeting for the year was a rather laid-back affair.  There were the usual notices read out, morning tea, and instead of a speaker we were treated to a selection of songs by the very talented musician Robyn.  There were plenty that we remembered,  pop songs from the 50s and 60s that we all knew, so that got us all singing.  Then there were the Christmas carols, remembered from our early days, and we sung along to those as well.  During the tea break, I went and asked her for a request, my all time favourite song, “Ten Guitars”.  (Known as the Maori National Anthem this song became the anthem of 1960s Maori who had suffered the dislocation of moving from back-country marae to the Big Smoke. Singing it at parties, they could briefly experience their lost sense of belonging. And they added their "Maori strum" to the English tune).    Robyn happily obliged me, and I sung along again, knowing all the words, as I do!

Robyn singing my favourite song

At the end of the meeting a group of 70 or so members then drove to Murrayfield for our Christmas lunch, a place we have often visited before, and always enjoyed.  A group of ducks were resting under the shady trees and barely stirred as we walked by.


Murrayfield Café

Walking inside, we soon found seats and sat down and chatted until the meal was ready.   We pulled our crackers, read out the corny jokes, donned our paper hats and generally got into the Christmas spirit.


And what a lovely meal it was, roast lamb, hot ham, and plenty of veggies including tasty locally grown asparagus in a cheese sauce.  Followed by Christmas Pudding, custard, cream and ice-cream.  After consuming all that at lunchtime, it will just be a light snack tonight!  Many thanks to the committee for organising such a great finish to our Probus year.

Lunchtime meal and conversation


Marilyn McDonald said...

That looks like a lovely venue, Jenny. And lunch sounded pretty special! We are in the right area for asparagus, aren't we?

Janice said...

What a lovely social time you have been having with all your friends in the various groups, especially as you will be away for a while.