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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Work in the Village Continues

Installing Ultra Fast Broadband in our village has been a long drawn out affair.  The workmen come and work for a few hours, then go away again for a while.  Things have been slowly happening and the men are happy to tell us what they are doing.  The large connector box in our front lawn has finally been all wired up and put in place.  With the hot sun beating down, this bloke really needed the shelter of the large umbrella as he connected the fine strands of fibre one by one to individual plates.  One for each household, he told us.


Then we heard tap, tap, tap one day and went out to find a couple of workmen tapping asphalt down covering the wires laid in the tiny narrow grooves.  Seemed a very slow process – and not a comfortable one but the look of it.


Things really moved ahead this week and it was time for the larger areas cut out beside the road way to be repaired.  Right outside our home so I was out with the camera recording progress.  Just as well the workmen were a friendly bunch and happy to chat.  The contents of this little tanker are sprayed onto the bare dirt and gives the ashphalt a base to adhere to.


Then a larger tanker trundled in, and the hot ashphalt was barrowed over to the hole.  Why use a barrow?  Much easier to control than putting the product in with a hose from the tanker on these small jobs, I was told.


And how about this cute little roller?

This was soon completed, and they packed up and went on to another job.  The only thing needing doing now is repair the lawns and gardens and to bring in a concrete mixer in to repair several areas in  the concrete footpaths which have been cut and pieces removed to lay the fibre.  Hopefully these repairs won’t be too far away.

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Janice said...

Wow! It is a lot of work. However, you should have a great service once it is complete. I'm assuming you are getting fibre to the house. Over here, we only got fibre to the node, which in a nutshell means that from the boxes they put in the streets it is still your existing copper wire to the house, which doesn't give quite as good a result, but is cheaper to install, as there was nowhere near as much digging and disruption. We changed over recently and are happy with the service we have. Hopefully yours should be done before you get back from your trip.