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Friday, 17 November 2017

A Weekend at Clareville

Home a mere week – and it’s time to hitch up the caravan and take to the road again.  We were off to a weekend caravan rally at Clareville, in the Wararapa.  As the crows fly, this doesn’t seem too far – but with the Tararua Ranges slap bang in the middle, it is a good two hour drive whether we drive south to cross over the Rimutaka Hill, or north and use the Pahiatua Track.  North it was, and off we went, deciding to leave a day early, on Thursday morning. 

Driving over the Pahiatua Track

With the indefinite closure of the Manawatu Gorge, traffic is now much heavier on this narrow, winding road, and we had a couple of scary times with large trucks whizzing around the corners towards us.  But eventually we arrived at Clareville A & P Showgrounds to stay in the motor camp. 


We were the first to arrive, and one by one, other happy campers from our club trickled in.  All with the same idea, to add an extra day onto our weekend.  And why not, that’s the beauty of being retired.

Early bird campers on Thursday

The ducks from the nearby duck pond kept us entertained, and they wandered around happily quacking.  Perhaps they were hopeful of a hand out for a snack?

Ducks in the camp grounds

Pretty duck pond

With the hot Wairarapa sunshine beating down we gathered in the shade for 4zees, and caught up with everyone’s news.  Several decided to go to have an easy evening meal and went up town for fish and chips.  Robin got the Weber our and cooked our sausage patties on that – such lovely BBQ smells wafting in the early evening air.


Tom and Jan said...

I hate to show my age but I remember when the Pahiatua Track was unsealed! :-)

Jenny said...

Was that in the olden days, Tom?

Marilyn McDonald said...

I have told you this before, Jenny and Robin, however it bears repeating: I love reading your blog for all the extremely useful information I get from it.
That campsite looks lovely and is one we may well use before too long, as the motorhome arrived in AKL yesterday and we are off up there this week to collect it - exciting times!
Big hugs to you both,

Janice said...

As you say, it is a hard life for you retirees. Enjoy your weekend.

Jenny said...

How exciting, Marilyn and David, to be collecting your lovely new motor-home. So pleased it survived the sea voyage safely - and this will be the start of many happy adventures fr you both.