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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Back to Hamilton

Luckily our trip to the Leisureline Owners Group get-together in Auckland coincided with our annual caravan service.  So that worked out well.  On our drive back to Hamilton we passed this flag flying on a business roof at Te Kauwhata.  Not the sort of flag we usually see in New Zealand – we have the back view but you can work out what it says.

Seen at Te  Kauwhata

We had booked to stay overnight at the Leisureline factory, and they have now installed a handy caravan power point for such occasions.  Staying overnight means we are right on the spot  for when the factory opens bright and early.

Here we are outside the factory, plugged into power overnight

The caravan was whisked around to the rear of the factory for the work to be done and we were free to go with instructions to come back later in the afternoon.  So the best way to start off the morning was to have a “Big Breakfast” at the Jukebox Diner with Geoff and Eileen, who were staying at these premises overnight in the large carpark.

Back at the diner for breakfast to start the day

Then we filled in our day doing this and that and having a good  look around the city, finally returning to the factory to see if the work on our caravan had been completed.  The van had been moved out to the front of the factory and we thought we were all set to go.  As well as the annual service we had arranged for a new gas locker to be fitted.  Our previous locker only had room for one 9kg bottle, and now we can keep both gas bottles in the front.

New gas locker fitted

However, there was one more job yet to be completed.  We had asked for a BBQ Bayonet fitting to be installed, and we had to wait for the fitting to arrive.  First a round hole was cut in the side of the van, and then the fitting and cover put in place.


Then our van was deftly moved around to the back of the factory with the help of a tow ball on the forklift – the strong gusty wind made it too difficult for the gas fitter to work out the front. 

On the move again

It was much more sheltered around the back of the building and the gas fitter and assistant and finally completed the last portion of the job.  Having this new fitting means that we don’t now have to carry a separate gas bottle when we light up the Weber BBQ.  Finally, we were good to go and get on the road again.

Two gas fitters working on the van

We’re heading slowly homewards, and decided that Tokoroa would be a good place to stay overnight.  Especially as we had never stayed there before – it’s always good to try new places.


Marilyn McDonald said...

Good to know you can now carry two gas bottles and hook up the weber! I am looking forward to that facility on the motorhome.

I had to take a second look at the last photo, Jenny - it looks as though there is an artificial leg leaning up against the gas lockbox ...

Travel safely home!

Cheers, Marilyn

Dave Gibb said...

I too thought it was an artificial leg at first glance!!! :-) Glad you enjoyed the Warbirds museum, some wonderful aeroplanes in there...


Jenny said...

Thanks Dave, that leg certainly did look strange at a glance. Thanks for the tip about the War Birds, it was really interesting there.
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