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Monday, 20 November 2017

On the go at Clareville

With the hot sunny Clareville weather we experienced for the first day or two over the weekend we were seeking out shade for our 4zees.  The duck pond looked a picture and you can just see our vans peeping  through the trees.


Over the next few days  it was quite a different story - we were all rugged up with jackets and jerseys to keep us warm as we sat outside.  Fortunately we had the use of an upstairs meeting room as well, which gave us good views of the horse events taking place on the show-grounds.  We watched how the riders took their steeds slowly around the various rings to warm up.  Later in the weekend a rider was whisked away in an ambulance when her horse failed to take the jump correctly.  Our two grand-daughters do this sport, so we know how often the riders get injured. 


Daughter Nicky recommended the nearby Clareville bakery, so we popped in to have a look.  Just as well we weren’t after any lunch as all the tables were full, with even more customers arriving.  We bought some freshly baked bread and a couple of plum pastries and took them back to camp to enjoy in the caravan.


Then on Saturday afternoon our Rally Family had arranged afternoon tea (at a different café), and a garden walk for those who would be interested.  Half of our group were keen gardeners so off they went to check out the garden, while the rest of us sat and chatted over our leisurely afternoon tea.  Also on offer was a look around the extensive Christmas Shop – much more to my liking.


Robin provided the entertainment on Saturday evening with a slide show about our recent trips onboard the vintage rail cars in outback Australia - the Gulflander and the Savannahlander.  Hopefully our caravan club buddies enjoyed the evening – I know we certainly enjoyed reliving our trip.  Many thanks to Selwyn for the use of his projector.


The weather on Sunday was wet and drizzly, so everyone had wet awning to dry out when they returned home.  Some of us stayed on for lunch, we did the final packing and off we went.  It was a drizzly, dreary day on the Wairarapa side of the Tararura Ranges.


But as often happens, the weather was completely different on the other side of the ranges.  We arrived back to Levin to brilliant sunshine, and hot temperatures.


All in all - another great caravan weekend away, even better for taking an extra day and making it a three day weekend.  

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Janice said...

Oh, the vagaries of the weather. They can really affect an outing, although it didn’t seem to slow you down any. Did anything go home with you from the Christmas shop?