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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Hutt Valley–here we come

It’s a bit grim when retired people have to set the alarm clock to wake us up early in the morning.  But needs must, and our caravan had an appointment for a little maintenance work bright and early down in the Hutt Valley.  The traffic wasn’t too bad, as most of the commuters going to work would have been on the road much earlier than us.  We arrived at R V Dreams to find caravans and motorhomes parked up everywhere – in fact I counted on my fingers and came up with 3 caravans and 4 motorhomes parked beside the business and on the roadside.  Hope there was room for us.

Owner Paul and his staff carefully guided Robin as he backed his caravan through the doorway into the workshop.  To my untutored eye there hardly seemed to be enough room for Romany Rambler inside, but this feat was accomplished with ease.

Inside the workshop

The 4WD was unhooked, and we were sent on our way with instructions ringing in our ears to go and have a coffee, and come back in an hour.  So we did, driving to the nearby Queensgate Mall.  We hadn’t been there since well before the November earthquake centered in Kaikoura did so much damage and the north-east section of the mall had to be demolished.  Back then it looked like this.

A section of the Queensgate Mall is being demolished but four engineers reports have found no problems with the rest of ...
Photo courtesy of FAIRFAX NZ

Shops are up and running in the mall, including several coffee shops so we had to make a choice of which one to give our business to.  And the outside of this section of the mall now looks much tidier.  Guess there is more work to be done yet, to restore the building to it’s former glory.

Demolished area tidied away

We collected the caravan, paid the account, and went on out merry way, driving back over the Haywards Hill and around the Pauatahanui Inlet.  The Inlet certainly looked a picture with hardly a ripple in the water.


Driving back home around the Pauatahanui Inlet

Can I get an obligatory photo of Kapiti Island, I wondered?  Not a very good one, as it turned out, it’s not always easy trying to snap a photo out of the car window as we speed along.  The clouds were darkening the skies, and everything was looking rather moody.

Kapiti Island

Even the sun was having trouble bursting through the clouds

We arrived home safe and sound in time for a late lunch, put the caravan away back in it’s park, pleased with our morning’s venture.  And ……… we won’t be setting the alarm clock for tomorrow morning, we’ll have our usual leisurely morning instead.


Sandra Walker said...

You sound JUST like my husband where alarms and retirement are concerned!! LOL. AND you and I are kindred spirits trying to snap fabulous photos out the windows of speeding vehicles which said husband is not wont to stop... Still, the shot of Kapiti Island is pretty good! Love the light hitting the water. Glad your caravan (we call it a trailer in Canada, but my mum, being from England, calls them a caravan, and so I know that word too ;-) is fixed up and raring to go for next trip!

Janice said...

Life's tough when you have to set the alarm. 😜 Our sky was like yours today. The sun trying to peek through but not quite succeeding. Looking very wintery. It's worth the trip to keep Romany Rambler in tip top condition. Lovely scenery on the way home.