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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Before the Storm

There was a lovely sunset last night – so pretty with the sun dropping down that we both went outside with our cameras.  This is what Robin saw with his camera lens, looking down the street in our village.  The sun was putting itself to bed with the rooflines our neighbouring villas in shadow.

View through Robin’s camera

I decided to zero in on the tree on on front lawn with my camera.  Same subject, slightly different shot.  Isn’t nature wonderful!

Taken with my little camera

There's bad weather coming up from the South Island, and we heard on the news that ferry crossings across Cook Strait have been cancelled for Wednesday.  Just as well we are staying home in the meantime.

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Janice said...

Once again I'm doing a catch up. It sounds like it will be a good day to hunker down inside. It's good to see that the NZ movie industry is producing great movies. They both sound good. And, finally, good on Robin for making his presentation at Probus. I'm sure he had them all laughing at his antics.