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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Hello Wednesday

And what a glorious morning it was too – so nice to wake up to such a pretty sunrise.  Just loved those pretty pinks in the Eastern sky this morning.  So it was out with the camera to snap a few photos bright and early.  It's amazing how the colour can change in just a short time – so the moral of the story is, don’t leave it too long or the colours will fade away.


I was in a bit of a pickle when an unexpected hospital appointment with the specialist came through for today.  Robin was booked up doing a drive down to the Hutt Valley with a patient for the Cancer Society, and I didn’t fancy the long drive to Palmerston North Hospital on my own.  Luckily a phone call to the local Heath Shuttle took care of my problem and I was booked onto the van for the return trip – all sorted.  Caravan club member and neighbour Derek drove up and John was the assistant, then they swapped driving duties on the return trip.

Horowhenua Health Shuttle

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Janice said...

What a glorious sunrise. Aren't community transport organisations the best. Good on Robin and Derek for volunteering. I hope all went well with your appointment.