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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Great White Hunter

Our friend Bruce is a great white hunter and likes nothing better than climbing mountains and doing a spot of deer stalking.  He lies down wind on a breezy hill in the grass cradling his trusty rifle, waiting patiently for just the right time to make a clean shot.  And then – it’s venison steaks and sausages again for the freezer.  But now he has reached the grand old age of 80, the knees and hips are letting him know that climbing hills and carrying a carcass back down over his shoulders cannot go on for ever.   We were there to help him celebrate his special day.

Happy 80th Birthday, Bruce

Here is the Birthday Boy standing in front of a photo board, and wife Julie had done a great job with a selection of photos from days gone by.  There were numerous photos of a proud Bruce posing with deer, pigs, and very large fish, climbing mountains, and staying in rustic huts.  And a memorable photo of a huge Captain Cooker (wild boar) lashed on to his motorbike, ready for the drive home!

The Birthday Cake, complete with deer

Speeches were given by family and friends, plus a few tales from the members of the Deer Stalkers Association, who mentioned that Bruce had been honoured with Life Membership some years ago.  Then it was time to cut the cake, done in special hunter’s fashion as Bruce wielded that large knife around.

Looking for the jugular

Bruce is one of life’s gentlemen, with a ready smile, and always happy to help friends and neighbours with any job that needs doing.  In fact, we well remember when we bought a set of outdoor furniture which needed assembling.  Bruce was at our door, tools in hand, ready and able to give us a hand putting it all together, without being asked.  

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