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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Back in Foxton again

Here we were, just a day or two later, back in Foxton again – this time with a different group.  With the long Queen’s Birthday coming up, our caravan club had booked sites at the Manawatu Caravan Club grounds at Foxton Beach.  And we decided to arrive a day early, just because we could.


Our van was the first to arrive, so we had the pick of the sites and were soon set up in splendid isolation.  It was a lovely wintry sunny afternoon, although the temperatures dropped as the day wore on. 

The first to arrive

Selwyn and Kath arrived soon after us, followed by Derek and Dot later in the afternoon.  The early night sky was a picture of colour and meal time was soon approaching.  We talked about our options for dinner and went with Plan B.

Night sky over the camp

A visit to the very popular Mr Grumpy’s Fish and Chip shop is a must while staying at Foxton Beach.  With a lovely piece of battered blue cod each and chips we were happy campers indeed.  For the really keen patrons, Mr Grumpy has tee shirts available for sale.


Our other club members rolled into camp with their vans on Friday, found a site, and settled in.  Friday was a relaxed day and we all gathered for 4zees.  It was good to welcome Life Members Peter and Elaine, and Don and Pamela who were staying for the weekend at local establishments – it had been a while since we had seen both couples. 

All in a row at Foxton

Friday night at Foxton just wouldn’t be the same without dinner at the nearby Bowling Club .  As expected, the place was packed to the gunnels,and we had trouble finding enough seats for our group.  But that was the least of our troubles, as the power went off.  How was the kitchen coping, we wondered, and would the meal still go ahead?  But the kitchen staff were undaunted, and at 5.30 the dining room doors were opened for business.  We moved in to claim two tables, as the lights flickered on and off, on and off.  It seemed that the roast pork and veggies were already cooked, ready to serve, and other orders, such as fish, scallops, or steak could be cooked to order on the gas rings. 

It was yet another clear sunny day on Saturday, and the club’s AGM went off without a hitch.  Reports were read, committee members were voted in, and the fees were set for the next year.  President Selwyn then presented Lorraine a birthday card  - a special birthday this year for Lorraine with a big “0” on the end.

Happy 70th Birthday to Lorraine

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Janice said...

I've just caught up on reading of your goings on. There is always so much to see and do in your area. I'm glad you received a clean bill of health. Robin has done a great job on adding the 12v charging points. Fortunately, our van came with a couple. We've had some good frosts here too. Winter has certainly arrived.