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Monday, 15 February 2016

Valentine’s Day Earthquake

The quake struck just eight days short of the five year anniversary of the 22 February 2011 Christchurch magnitude 6.3 quake, which claimed the lives of 185 people.   At 1.13pm on Sunday, centred at 15km east of the city, at a depth of 15km,  Geonet reported.

The biggest concern is a cliff collapse at Whitewash Head near Sumner which engineers are assessing to establish its stability. There has also been considerable cliff collapse at Godley Head.

A huge dust cloud follows the collapse of a cliff near Sumner.
A huge dust cloud follows the collapse of a cliff near Sumner.  Photo: Carl Devereux

The magnitude 5.7 earthquake was a huge setback for the confidence of the city, Mayor Liane Dalziel reported, but luckily there was no major damage this time.  Meanwhile, safe at home here in Levin, we never felt a thing.  Mind you, I was quickly on the phone to son Michael to see how he fared during the shake.  Luckily, he was fine.

Our Valentine’s Day was a lazy day spent at home.  As usual on Sunday morning, Robin did the honours and cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast.  A small gift of Whittaker's chocolates for the pair of us made an appearance, nuts for him and my favourite coconut for me.  If we just have a little taste in the evening, the chocolates should last a while – that’s the theory, anyway.

We were really looking forward to our evening meal, it was time to try cooking a leg of lamb on the Weber.  It was a complete success, brown and yummy on the outside, and lovely and tender in the middle.  (Next time we are going to try  cooking a whole chicken).  This was served with cheesy courgettes also cooked on the BBQ, with a creamy potato salad, and lettuce and tomatoes from our garden.  With boysenberry and blueberry trifle for dessert, and a glass of sweet dessert wine, it was a lovely way to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home.  And then we got to nibble on those choccies later in the evening.

Doesn’t that look yummy!

Hope your Valentine’s Day was just as nice as ours, and spent with your special someone.

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