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Friday, 5 February 2016

Can we do it – yes we can!

We couldn’t drive around the coast to Ngawi without a visit to the nearby Cape Palliser Lighthouse, and the nearby seal colony.  The 18m tall lighthouse was built in 1897 to guide shipping around the perilous Cape Palliser, a dangerous place indeed with rocky headlands and more often than not, ferocious weather. 

Cape Palliser Lighthouse

The steps lead straight up a rocky bluff to the lighthouse perched 78m above the sea.  We needed a group photo so artfully arranged ourselves at the base of the steps.  Most of us had climbed up to the lighthouse on previous visits so had no intention of tackling the climb again.

Here we all are at the base of the lighthouse

That all changed when Bill declared that he had never been, so was keen to climb up.  With that, Dot, Val and I decided we might as well give it a try too.  So off we went, one step after another, hanging on to the hand rail for support.  Will I make it, I wondered, as I puffed my way to the top, taking many short breaks to get my breath back.  The four of us slogged it out and eventually reached the top – so pleased we persevered and yes we did, we made it!

We were rather wind blown at the top

Robin decided to give it a go too, sore knees or not, and finally joined us at the top.  Perhaps his knees will make him pay for this exercise tomorrow.

He made it too

The five of us intrepid explorers felt justifiably pleased with ourselves as we walked back down the 250 or so steep steps.  Then it was off to see if we could find any seals on the rocks.  And there they were, little ones frolicking in the shallows and larger ones standing guard.  They were hard to see as the seals were almost the same colour as the rocks.


Seals on the rocks

We all needed a treat from the handy food cart operating on our camp doorstep so it was ice-creams all round on our return back to the vans.  Later on we took a walk in the early evening twilight to check out the fishing boats and bulldozers just along the beach.

On the shingle beach

The sky darkened as the sun sank lower casting a golden glow.  What a lovely finish to a great day.



Marilyn McDonald said...

Well done, both of you! That is a big climb and an even more scary descent!

Cheers, M

Jenny said...

It was worth the effort just to prove we could do it!

Janice said...

Good on you! I'm really unfit, so my excuse for breaks while climbing to suck places is to take a couple of photos. Just gives me time to catch my breath and get going again. I can never keep up with Mick. I do love lighthouses, so nice to see another one.

Jenny said...

Exercise certainly gets harder as we get older, but the sense of achievement as well as those fabulous views makes it all worth while.