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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Table for Two, please

With a list as long as your arm to deal with, we spent the day in Palmy (Palmerston North).  Finally, most of the items had been ticked off the list, including a trip to the Mall to see the optician.   Lunch time was looming, and we were going to the rather posh Gallery Restaurant, thanks to the generosity of my daughter,  Nicky.  She had presented me with two meal vouchers at my last birthday, so today was the day to eat out in style.  We followed a group of well dressed elderly ladies into the restaurant, and duly requested a table for two.

The restaurant had an impressive collection of “New Zealand Beef and Lamb Excellence” awards hanging on the walls.  Not just one or two – more like 8 or 10 it seemed.   Now – let’s check that menu out – after we’ve taken that selfie, of course.


It’s always a dilemma to know what to choose, as everything sounded so delicious.  Finally the choices were made, and in due course our meals arrived.  It was Thai Beef Salad for him, and Seafood Pasta for her, both dishes declared delicious!  And many thanks to Nicky for the Gift Voucher -  we will returning to the restaurant to cash the second one in at a later date.

Ready to eat our lunches

There was another appointment after lunch, which dragged on for some time, and by the time we headed for home, we were caught up with the local workforce in the rush hour traffic.  Travelling home through farmland we noticed paddocks of corn, or possibly maize, (they both look very similar to us) edged with giant sun flowers.  Why, we wondered, just to look pretty to passers-by?  Or perhaps the sunflowers help with pollination?  Maybe some one can enlighten us.  Whatever the reason, the giant yellow sunflowers  gave a lovely splash of colour as we drove by.

Sunflowers at the road side

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