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Thursday, 18 February 2016

My Old Man’s a Dustman

Danny, our village handyman/groundsman is taking a well deserved holiday this week.  He has a busy time in his working week, keeping everything looking good, cutting lawns, weeding gardens, washing windows, and collecting the rubbish.  Danny asked Robin if he wouldn’t mind collecting the rubbish this week while he is on holiday.  No trouble at all, was the reply, and with Danny’s trailer hooked up to our 4WD, he was all set to go.  Friends Bruce and Graham helped out too, and the three of them made short work of collecting everyone’s rubbish bags and recyclables.  Good job, guys!

Bruce, Graham and Robin, rubbish men for the morning


Marilyn McDonald said...

Always good to have a new career in retirement, I say!

Jenny said...

Those three blokes really looked the part too!

Janice said...

Many hands make light work. It is good they can help out while Danny has a break.