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Friday, 12 February 2016

A very Special Day

It’s hard to believe, and we weren’t sure we would get there, but our beautiful cat Muffy celebrated her 20th birthday over the weekend while we were on our caravan rally at Kahutara.  Sunday was a very special day, and we wished our lovely cat “Many Happy Returns”.   We shared a birthday cake for morning tea with our caravan club members, who all wished Muffy “Happy Birthday”.


Happy 20th Birthday to Muffy

We can remember when we first got her, all those years ago, a beautiful bouncing kitten who was full of energy.  At such a grand old age, Muffy is now getting stiff and sore, and walking is getting to be an effort.  But she is well loved, and likes nothing better than a lap to curl up on while she snoozes the day away.  You can be sure we are making the most of her remaining time with us, giving her all the attention and care she deserves.

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