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Monday, 8 February 2016

Kahutara School, Wairarapa

The Wararapa farmland looks dry and parched over the summer season, and Kahutara, approximately mid way between Martinborough and Pirinoa, is no exception.  Last time we stayed at the school, the wind, as we remembered, was relentless.  So strong that several caravan fridges running on gas had their pilot lights blown out, and it was rather difficult to relight them.  When we arrived the hot dry wind was much less severe, thank goodness.  Six caravans and two motor homes parked up on the school playing field for a fun weekend.

Kahutara School

A group of bobby calves over the fence kept crying for their mothers.  Such cute little faces looking back at me, as they posed nicely for the lady with the  camera.

Over the fence

50 years of wedded bliss is certainly something to celebrate, and Selwyn and Kath had just returned from Auckland where they celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary.  Our club wanted to acknowledge this milestone on Friday evening, and Val read out a poem she had written, all about the ups and downs of their caravan adventures with our club.

Poetry reading by Val

This is your life, Selwyn and Kath

Saturday morning was hot without a breath of wind, and several car loads of campers drove off bright and early to the very popular Martinborough Fair.  People come from far and wide to attend the fairs, held a month apart on the first Saturday of February and March, with stalls crowded in shady Martinborough Square.  Streams of traffic clog the normally sleepy settlement as people search for a car park close to the square, and then jostle with the crowds of shoppers looking for bargains.   We relaxed back at the school, and welcomed Life Members Peter and Elaine who were visiting for the day.

Kite flying was on the programme for the afternoon and we lamented at the windless conditions and wondered if it would go ahead.  But the kite gods must have been listening and by mid afternoon the wind started up and the kites were airborne.  Rally Captain Bill had brought along kits and instructions for those who didn’t have their own kite, and several black plastic sheet variations were soon flying alongside the colourful commercial kites.

Saturday evening was fun and games in the hall, and they were certainly quite a laugh.  Have you ever held a tennis ball tight against you and your partners forehead and tried to walk down the hall without dropping it?  Some couples shuffled sideways very slowly, Dennis and Glenys were much more energetic and held their heads together while their bodies were turned sideways as they strode along the hall. We managed to make it, but found out that you mustn’t turn your head to see where you are going or else the ball will get dislodged.  Just a shame no one was filming all these high jinks!

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Janice said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I haven't flown a kite in years. It was great fun when we were kids.