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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Last Day at the Apple Orchard

This is our last full day at the apple orchard, so there were several things to do before we depart tomorrow.  Number one was use the washing machine and hang the laundry out on the clothesline in the nice warm Hawkes Bay sunshine.  Next on the list was to go to the supermarket and top up the supplies to see us through Easter.  Yes, we did buy some Hot Cross Bun, but resisted the urge to take home any Easter Eggs.  And finally, top up the car with fuel for when we continue on our trip tomorrow.

The orchard is a busy place, and the fruit trees are laden with fruit.  Several different varieties of apples are the main crop, and the Orchard owner Dick told us he is one of the few growers who has quince trees – the trees are heavy with this yellow fruits.  This is not a fruit you often see in the shops these days, and  I can remember my Mother making quince jelly many years ago when I was a child.

P3290019 Quince trees in the orchard

The plums have finished fruiting, and now pears are being picked – we noticed several boxes full waiting to be moved into the cool store.


Walking around the orchard we came across some cattle over in the next paddock.  They were not at all worried by our sudden appearance and one of then walked over to the fence to get his nose rubbed.

P3310019 Cattle over the fence

More of our caravan club friends started arriving this afternoon, all of us are heading north to Putorino tomorrow to attend the National Caravan Rally.  We all gathered under our sun shade  for 4zzees.  

P4010002  No longer alone

Our host kindly brought around some apples, fresh off the tree, for our group, plus a supply of plastic bags.  I diligently counted them out into the bags and everyone really appreciated getting a bag of lovely tasty apples.  We always enjoy staying here, the facilities are great, and the owners always make us very welcome.

The Easter break at Putorino may well find us without any internet access for five days so we are not sure if we will be able to post any blogs or not. But they will arrive – possibly later rather than sooner.  You will just have to be patient to catch up with our news.

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