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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Rush Munro’s and the Rellies

Rush Munro’s Ice-cream Parlour is a Hastings institution and has been around for many years. Generations of families have enjoyed eating their ice-creams here since 1926 and the company is still going strong.    It is one of those “must see”  places when we travel up this way, and today that is where we went. 

P3310002 Rush Munroe ice-cream selection

My sister Kathleen and her husband Dennis happily accompanied us there today and we sat in the courtyard in the dappled sunshine enjoying our ice-cream sundaes.  And very tasty they were too.

P3310004 Kathleen and Dennis at Rush Munro’s Ice-cream Parlour

There was a water feature playing and I watched as the sparrows happily jumped in and out of the trickle of water.  They shook their little bodies, flapped their wings, and seemed to be having a great time in their very own personal shower.

P3310007 Sparrows playing on top of the trickling water feature

We returned to the rellies home for a leisurely lunch and had a great time catching up on all the news, and putting the world to rights, as our age group is apt to do.  Returning to our Pop mid afternoon, Dick was busy on his ride-on mower, cutting the lawn in front of his guests caravans and campers.  We lifted our large mat so that he could cut right up to the caravan.  A couple of quick passes back and forth and it was all done

P3310010 Time to cut the lawns

One of the young men living here has a young 6 month old rook called Charlie which he raised from a week old chick.  Charlie is quite tame and was having a great time flying around, but comes back when called.  He seems to get on quite well with Caesar, the 2 year old British Bulldog. 

P3300095 Charlie the rook and Caesar the bulldog

Caesar nearly came to a sticky end last night when prowlers jumped over the fence in an attempt to abduct him.  The police were called, and searched the orchard looking for the offenders, but we slept through all the drama and never heard a thing.  As an “entire male”, (you know what that means) Caesar’s worth as a stud dog is considerable and he is a very desirable dog of his breed.  Extra steps have now been taken to ensure his safety. 

P3310011  Don’t mess with Caesar

We were joined by caravan friends Dave and Rae today from the Wairarapa Caravan Club, who are also travelling up to Putorino for the National Caravan Rally over Easter.  Other caravan buddies are expected tomorrow, so we should have a great group here for 4zees in the afternoon. 

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