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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A little bit of Passion in our lives

A little bit of passion goes a long way – especially at our age!  We are so proud of ourselves – and we hardly had to do a thing to get to this stage.  Our passion-fruit plant is doing great.  First the flowers came out, and they were so pretty, creamy white with a touch of purple.  When the flowers died down, a tiny little green passion-fruit started to grow, and grow.

PC160041 Passion-fruit flowers on our vine.

P1100030 Then grew into these

We watched anxiously just like any first time parent would, as they slowly grew bigger and bigger.  And then, those green passion-fruit started turning purple.  Once the colour had changed, it was plop, plop, as one by one the fruit fell to the ground.  Each day we carefully gathered up one or two passion-fruit and brought them inside, where they are starting to get wrinkly. 

P3100003 Our little bit of passion

It’s not just the passion-fruit giving us joy.  Our rhubarb patch is growing prolifically – in fact I’ve cooked up a nice big dish of rhubarb crumble for dessert.   You just can’t beat this with a dollop of whipped cream on top.   The green peppers are growing well, and as for the tomatoes!  I just love the smell of tomatoes growing on the vine.  We’ve got so many that I had to find out how to remove the skins from some of the excess – these are now frozen and I’ll be making some pasta sauce out of them later on.

So for a couple of non-gardeners we are feeling quite chuffed with ourselves.  Wonder what the next season will bring?

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