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Monday, March 23, 2015

Disc Bowls at Otaki

After a relaxing day at Otaki Beach, we travelled the short distance to Peter Chanel School in Otaki township, where our caravan club was hosting the Combined Rally.  Caravan friends from the Wairarapa and Wellington clubs joined our club, Heretaunga for a weekend of fellowship and friendly banter. 

P3220043 Parked up at Peter Chanel School

There was a little club rivalry too, which reared it’s head during the Saturday games afternoon.  Disc bowls was on the agenda, a bit of a mystery to a non sporty person like me.  But I did my best, and valiantly threw those discs through the air, trying to land as close to the kitty as I could.  Not very successfully, I might add.  Why I was made leader of the team, I’ve got no idea!

P3210020I’ve picked it up, what do I do now?

Robin was in a different team, and had a much better idea of what to do, and used a more professional throwing technique than me.  My method is more like “chuck it and see where it lands”.

P3210032 Robin in action

Surprisingly, my team made it to the semi finals, how on earth did we manage that, before getting knocked out.  The winners were the Wairarapa Team – well done.

P3210036 Harry, Caroline and Bob, the winning team

St Mary’s Catholic Church is adjacent to the school and is New Zealand's oldest Catholic church still in use. It is on the site of what was once a Catholic Mission. A large Maori settlement (kainga) grew up around the mission. The church is in the process of getting a new roof, but that didn’t stop church services being held over the weekend.

P3220045 Work being undertaken on the new roof

P3220048 St Mary’s Catholic Church

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