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Friday, March 27, 2015

Better late than never

Robin had a special job to do in the caravan. He needed to secure our brand new fire extinguisher to the wall.  Yes, we know we should have purchased one for our safety when we changed caravans, but we never quite thought of it.   Anyway, it is all done now – so better late than never.  It is tucked away on the end of the kitchen cupboards, by the bedroom curtain.  (Not that we ever pull this curtain across the bedroom end of the caravan).  Unobtrusive, but easy to get to if it is needed in a hurry.

P3270001 New fire extinguisher in the caravan

Our smoke alarm is down in the bedroom end of the caravan too.  It quietly winks away at me in the dead of night, I notice, if I have trouble sleeping. And unlike our previous smoke alarm, the toaster doesn’t set the raucous ringing off.  So hopefully these two items things will keep us safe on our travels.

P3270002 Smoke alarm on the ceiling

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