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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Camping amongst the Apples

Apple picking is in full swing here in sunny Hastings.  We have travelled up to stay at one of our favourite Pops for several nights, and as repeat customers were warmly welcomed on site.  The small camp is quite full with seasonal workers but owners Dick and Elly found a spot for us and we are parked up in front of rows of trees bearing luscious red apples.  It’s a bit like being in the Garden of Eden.

P3280010 Camping in the apple orchard

P3280007A pile of empty apple crates are ready and waiting to be filled

The hot Hawkes Bay sunshine is beating down and we are pleased with our large sun shade giving us a shady area to sit under.  Poor Muffy seems to be feeling jet lagged as she lay sprawled out on the floor of the caravan when we arrived.  It must be cooler down there than on the couch.  It's a hard life being a travelling cat sometimes.

P3280001 Muffy is worn out

This Pop comes complete with a washing machine (I’ll be sure to use it) and since our last visit a clothes drier has appeared.  That will be handy in the winter, but while it is nice and sunny I’ll put my laundry out to dry on the clothes line.

P3280003 Washing machine in the shed and drier in the cupboard

We will be attending the National Caravan Club Rally at Putorino, Napier, over Easter, but travelled up nice and early.  We have relatives to catch up with, and several places to explore while we are here.  It should be fun.

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FlyingKiwiGirl said...

Well I'm hoping you're going to a different rally than the NZMCA Easter Rally otherwise you'd be very lonesome in Putorino! :) You had me worried for a moment. Enjoy Putorino, I spent many a night of my mis-spent youth in the Putorino Pub!