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Monday, 6 April 2015

Fire Trucks, Easter Bunnies and Pancakes at Putorino

There seemed to be quite a serious water problem over the weekend at the National Rally at Putorino.  What was happening to the water supply?  The water was disappearing from the tank at an alarming rate and there was no way we were using it all – there must be a leak under the tank.  We heard a beep-beep-beep as a tanker truck from Kotemaori Rural Fire Brigade backed up to the water tanks to top them up, arriving several times over the weekend to help us out.  Other wise it would have been a very dry long weekend indeed.  The water tanks obviously need to be thoroughly checked and repairs urgently made.  The overnight rain had not made any contribution to the water tanks at all.

P4050049Fire Truck to the rescue

The engine on the back of the truck was working hard as it pumped out 4000 litres of water into the aging concrete water tank.

P4050053The business end of the fire truck

A pair of Easter Bunnies came calling, and they knocked on each van door with a basket of chocolate eggs.  Just look at those happy smiles as they spread a bit of Easter cheer.

P4050048 Judith and Anne with Easter Eggs to share

After all that excitement, we joined the crowds who were lining up to get their complimentary pancake breakfast.  Four cooks were hard at work cooking pancakes, bacon and bananas, which was served with a swirl of Maple Syrup.  It smelt delicious, and we really enjoyed our Sunday pancake breakfast.

P4050061Cooking pancakes and bacon

Our resident Pastor, Eric Sweeting took the traditional National Rally Easter church service in the hall, which was very well attended.  Then the afternoon activities, also in the hall, flowed from one to another, from the sales tables and book swaps, (swapped a couple myself), followed by afternoon tea, then Happy Hour.  After our evening meal it was back to hall again for an assortment of card and board games, or in our case, just groups of happy campers sitting together, telling yarns, and enjoying each other’s company.  The evening ended on a high note when Robin’s name was called out as one of the raffle winners.  Lots of interesting items plus the handy little wooden table too.

P4050003 Robin with our raffle prize

After intermittent drizzle from the previous day, we awoke to find the vans surrounded by fog.  The hills had disappeared from view, and the early morning had quite ethereal look.

P4060006 Surrounded by early morning fog

The National Rally drew to a close, and the banners were collected from the stand and paraded out of the hall.  Thanks were made, farewells said, and we enjoyed a last cuppa together before everyone went their separate ways.   It had been a great National Rally, not huge as they were so many years ago when we first started club caravanning, but fun and friendly.  Some were travelling straight home, but not us.  We are having a tiki tour north for a couple of weeks before heading home, stopping at places we have never visited before, as well as some old favourite haunts. 

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