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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Bowentown Beach

After two days in the avocado orchard we left D & D waiting the arrival of the AA technician to check out their battery problem and continued on to our next stop at Bowentown Beach.   When we purchased our new Leisureline and Southern Star caravans last year,  we, together with Geoff and Eileen qualified for a free night staying at the camp.  So to use our voucher,  Bowentown Beach Camp was made part of our current trip. This is a very nice 4 star camp, with great facilities.

P4150014 Bowentown Beach Motor Camp

Soon after our arrival my laundry buddy Geoff and I checked out the laundry.  The clothes and gold coins were put into the machines, the button pressed for the complimentary detergent, and we were away.  As the afternoon was running away from us, we decided to use the driers too – so more gold coins were fed into the slots.  I seem to spend quite some time in various laundries, but it is so much easier than doing the washing in a bucket by hand while we are away and travelling around.

P4150007  Spending quality time in the camp laundry

There is a lovely beach close to the camp, with a board walk to protect the dunes.  Damage to sand dunes seems to be an ongoing problem at many beaches these days – and plantings are made to help bind the sand together.


Views of Bowentown Beach

While four of us are staying at the motor camp, Dot and Derek are not too far away at a freedom camping site, with several other vans for company.  Robin caught up with them later in the day and with the purchase of a new battery, their worries have all disappeared.  The six of us went out for a delicious Wednesday roast dinner at  the Bowentown Boating Club.  The nicely appointed restaurant was humming, and much more crowded than we expected for a mid week meal.


At only $23 for three courses, it was great value indeed.  We started with mushroom soup, followed by a roast pork dinner, we all agreed that the crackling was divine.  And for dessert, the men had a big plate of pavlova each, while the ladies enjoyed crème brulee.  It was a great meal in lovely surroundings, very much enjoyed.

P4150020 Eileen, Geoff, Derek, Dot, Robin and Jenny

Bowentown is situated at the  southern end of Waihi Beach, a headland reserve of 128ha of secluded beaches and historic sites.  Bowentown,  like Mt Maunganui was once a volcanic Island. The joining of these two to the mainland by sand (Tombolos) along with the Matakana sandspit formed the Tauranga harbour.  This area was fought over by several tribes through many generations. There are remains of fortified pas on several hills and headlands.  These days it is a very peaceful place, popular with holiday makers, and full of quite a variety of homes, from modest, to the absolutely magnificent. 

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