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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Rainy Day in Paeroa

It’s been a bit of a “do nothing” day today in Paeroa.  The rain has been coming down in sheets, and the temperature dropped considerably – much too miserable to go out sightseeing, we decided.   So we stayed in camp all day and socialised with the others at morning tea and 4zees.  The rain was pouring off the corner of our awning, and we placed our large pink bucket underneath.  In no time at all it was full and overflowing.  It seemed almost a shame to throw all that lovely fresh water away.
  P4180032The pink bucket was filling up fast with rain water

The Paeroa RV Centre has a large social hall where residents meet for Happy Hour, with a cosy fire to keep things nice and warm.  Someone was drying an item or two of clothing on the fire safety rail, I noticed.

P4180034 Fire place in the hall

There are plenty of seats and tables,  a small pool table, plus a very extensive library.  I took a few books over to swap – and came back with a couple to read, just the thing for a lazy rainy day.

P4170029 Inside the large hall

P4180035Buses and vans both big and small at the R V Centre

The rain finally eased as the day drew to a close.  Here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow when we travel down to our next stop at Rotorua.  The sun shone gold as it slipped down towards the horizon in the west.

P4180037 Sun setting in the west after a day of rain

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