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Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Vision of Beauty at Taupo

That's another thing ticked off our holiday list – a visit to the Sculpture Garden at Lava Glass.   I had heard of this amazing place from a friend, so today was the day to check it out.  There was plenty of parking for the car and caravan, it was a lovely warm sunny day,  and the entrance fee was quite modest,  especially with our seniors discount.  The Sculpture Garden came about because of a light bulb moment from the glass blowers, and was officially opened in 2014.  Set in an acre of manicured grounds lie more than 500 glass sculptures. The gentle walk took us around ponds, through fields of glass flowers, and past the water tumbling down the 15 piece waterfall. Created by Lynden Over and his team, the pieces are the biggest pieces of glass ever blown in New Zealand. 


The large Rainbow Sculpture was the first work of art to be seen as visitors enter the garden.  The pleasing form in such beautiful colours made this one of our favourite pieces.

P4228815 Rainbow Sculpture

Spiral Flowers were a challenge to make and the early trials were dismal failures.  Finally, a technique involving four glass artists working together made the spiral flowers a reality.  The glass spiral was drawn out in one movement, some applying cold air while others applied hot air, while the master craftsman swirled the shape around in a seamless fluid motion.

P4220009A garden of Spiral Flowers

The five giant orbs making up the Glass Forest were spectacular.  Built from the inside out, these solid glass balls weigh 8kgs each and took 2 months to cool down.  The detailed flowers and mushrooms had been made previously and were added in during the construction process.  Seen up close, the detail is amazing.


P4220012The Glass Forest

What’s taken Robin’s fancy? Here he is looking through the Giant Kaleidoscopes to see the ever changing patterns created by mirrors and different coloured pieces of glass.

P4228827 Checking out the Giant Kaleidoscopes

P4228819 Water trickled down the glass waterfall

P4220021 And giant flowers grew in profusion

There was so much more that what we have shown you here  to see, admire, and take in, so a quiet contemplative amble around the garden is a must.  Highly recommended – and the cafe was great too!

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