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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Settled Weather at last in Carterton

The weather for yesterday could only be described as a bit of a  “wash-out”.  Four of us early bird caravan arrivals were sitting safe and snug on site at the Carterton Holiday Park for the weekend rally, thankful that we didn’t have to deal with the bad driving conditions.  The remaining vans arrived with tales of snow on the top of the Rimutaka Hill.  In fact this mountainous road into southern Wairarapa had been closed for a while and we really wondered if the others would make it over the hill.  But fortitude and courage are traits of our members.  None would allow the challenge of blustery wind, rain or snow stop them in their tracks!  With the hard surfaced sites in hot demand, half of us are parked up on one side of the camp, and half on the other.   Friday night was spent huddled around the heaters in the dining room, relating jokes as we usually do, to keep ourselves amused.

We awoke to a much brighter day today, the blue sky and wintery sunshine made us all feel better. 

P8160009 It turned out a much better day on Saturday

Still too chilly to sit outside, so we all gathered in the dining room for morning tea, followed by a Special Meeting.  The rest of the day is free, until 4zees.

P8160011Some of us at morning tea

Something a little different is planned for the evening.  After a communal evening meal back in the dining room tonight,(bring and eat your own) everyone has been instructed to bring a Steamed Pudding along to share.  Nine steamed puddings will be making a grand entrance and placed reverently on the table.  Then we will get to try a little of this one, and maybe some of that one.  Sounds like fun, doesn't it!  I’d better get busy and start mixing my pudding, and pop the basin inside the big pot of boiling water.  Hope I didn’t leave any crucial ingredients behind. 


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