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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Bring in the Puds!

Before the all important  steamed pudding affair, there was 4zees to enjoy.  Robin decided to relive his visit to Hobbiton and arrived wearing his Hobbiton Movie Set hat and knocked the top off his bottle of “Girdley Fine Grain Amber Ale”, brewed especially for the Green Dragon Inn at Hobbiton.   As I am only an occasional drinker, my bottle of  Hobbiton “Sackville Cider”  got the better of me, and I passed the remainder over for Robin to finish.  Give me a nice coffee any day!

P8160019Ready for his Hobbiton beer

All the ladies disappeared after 4zees, there was a communal meal to prepare and puddings to cook.  We gathered in the dining room to eat our main course together, then popped back into the caravans to check on our steamed puddings bubbling away.  Camp Mother Diane sent over a luscious pavlova and a big bowl of fruit salad for our group to enjoy, how kind is that!  Then the hot puddings started arriving.  There was certainly something for all tastes, we could choose from chocolate, sticky date, jam, and golden syrup. My contribution of a jam steamed pudding almost came to a sticky end as we tried to get it out of the pudding bowl and onto the serving plate without it falling to pieces.  Luckily it tasted OK.  With so many choices, some of us just had to fill our pudding plates up twice. 

P8160021 Jam steamed pudding and a home made pav

Or maybe you would prefer some sticky date or chocolate pudding?

Sunday soon rolled around and after morning tea and an early lunch, it was time to pack up and head home. We decided to go back home through the Wairarapa and over the Rimutaka Hill.  All the snow and ice which shut this road on Friday was long gone, and the strong winds had abated, thank goodness.

P8170025 Start of the Rimutaka Hill at Featherston

Then it was up and over Haywards Hill, and along SH1 up the Kapiti Coast.  We’ve been following that caravan travelling in front for some time, – it’s Geoff and Eileen heading home too.

P8170031 That caravan looks familiar

On arriving home, we soon unpacked the van, cleaned it out, and parked it up on it’s allotted space.  It was a great rally weekend, we’ll do it all again soon.

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