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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lambs and Daffodils - Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring are all around, we noticed, as we drove along rural roads to Ashhurst.  We were meeting up with daughter Nicky at the Herb Farm Cafe for lunch, and to pass over some goodies  for her upcoming birthday.  As we can’t be with her on the actual day, a lunch out together was the next best thing, we decided.  Nicky is Production Manager in the laboratory at the Herb Farm, in charge of mixing up all sorts of 100% natural lotions, oils, creams  and soaps.  We enjoyed a tasty lunch, and had a good catch up with our respective news.  Nicky told me that her BFF always takes her out for High Tea on her birthday.  How I’d love a special friend like that!  Perhaps I can start a new birthday ritual like this for my special day too?

P8180001 Herb Farm Cafe and Shop

P8180002 Herb Farm gardens

Just down the road we saw lots of new lambs in a paddock, so the driver was under instruction to stop the car.  The ewes weren’t staying still for this strange woman brandishing a camera,  and quickly moved their lambs away from the fence.  There were several sets of twins, and this cute little dark set of triplets.

P8180004 Quickly, move away from that strange person

Daffodils were planted en mass along the road frontage of another farm close by, making a lovely splash of colour.  With new lambs bouncing around the paddocks, and  these beauties in flower, we could be forgiven for thinking Spring must be here.

P8180007 Daffodils planted along the roadside.

The bulbs were also planted up the driveway to the farm house.  It was then that we noticed the large painted sign on the gate.  Perhaps they grow daffodils commercially?


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