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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Probus Meeting and out to Lunch

We’ve learned all we need to know about diabetes twice over recently.  First at the 60s Up meeting late last month, and then today the same speaker was invited to impart her knowledge at our Probus meeting.  All very helpful advice, and the field officers do a really good job going around the community.
Actually, I had a previous engagement so could not attend this particular meeting, but there was no way I was going to miss out on the group luncheon.  I made it in good time to the Scarlet Cafe in Ohau, arriving well before the other 29 Probus members put in an appearance.  This cafe has recently changed hands and we were keen to see what it was like.

P8050027 Scarlet Cafe

Local artists get the chance to hang their paintings, and I thought these with a beach and sea-scape flavour were very nice.

P8050028 Painted by a local artist

Our group were seated in a separate room, the tables arranged in a horseshoe shape to accommodate us all.  There was plenty of room for everyone, and conversations flowed around the room as we waited for our meals to arrive.

P8050029 Ready for our lunch

With such a large group, there was a set menu, with the option of chicken or steak.  I really enjoyed my chicken breast wrapped in bacon, which came with a lovely creamy leek sauce, and Robin was pleased with his choice of medium rare steak. Just as he likes it, still dripping blood and mooing!

P8050030 Chicken breast for lunch

With desserts to follow, sticky date pudding or tiramisu, we were well satisfied.  After a big lunch like that, I won’t have to be on serious kitchen duties for the evening meal, will I?

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