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Friday, 8 August 2014

Meet the Murrayfield Locals

Ever wonder what farm  animals think when a bunch of townies can’t help but ogle them?  That’s what we were doing  through the windows at Murrayfield Cafe while we were lunching there the other day.  It’s not that we have never seen these kinds of animals before, it’s just that they look so cute!  They were just going about their business munching on the grass outside in the cold paddock while we were nice and cosy inside.

P8060038  Cute little donkey

I’m sure that the goats don’t know that one of their relatives has been to a taxidermist who cut off his head, stuffed it, and hung it up on the wall inside the cafe!  They are better off not knowing such a gruesome story.

Two goats and an alpaca

When we were all milling about the car park getting ready to depart we wondered why this brown hen was sitting down in the gravel and reluctant to move.  Then we saw that she was guarding her last remaining tiny chicken.  Mother hen then set about giving her baby a lesson in finding food to eat.  She turned over the small pieces of gravel to expose tiny worms which had come to the surface after the rain.  She then picked up these wiggly creatures and dropped them down in front of the chicken who promptly gobbled them up.  “Peep, peep”, the baby called as she waited for more.  What a clever hen.

P8060044 Mother and baby

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